Country: Latam

Client: Cartoon Network

Director: DeTuco.

Storyboard: Diego De Rose.

Art Direction and character design: Sawa.
3D modeling, texture, simulation and lighting: Flavio Bianchi, Mariano de Apellaniz, Nicolás Sparnocchia,  Pablo Focareta.
Rigg: Nicolás Rossi

Matte Painting: Diego Rago, Sawa.

Animation: Maximiliano Schneider.

Compo: Claudio Langsam

Executive Production: Max Araujo.
Production: Valentin Alen.

Monstruosos was the very first project we thought of as a team. We took courage and made some tests. Two years later, Cartoon Network got as excited as we were, and took the idea to their screen. That was the beginning!

animatic 2012.