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JAy and the apocalypse bugs.

Big drama and small bugs, that is the premise for APOCALYPSE BUGS. Entomologists the world over are fascinated by these cute little bugs who love vacations, pic-nics, massive concerts, and all sorts of communal outdoor events, despite the fact that all their gatherings end up in tragedy, mainly because they are small bugs with little wings that can barely get them off the ground… and the big world is full of danger. The dangers that the APOCALYPSE BUGS face always come from a source we know all too well: us humans, with our big machines, big bodies, and giant ham and cheese sandwiches. If the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause a typhoon on the other side of the world, just imagine what a small gesture by a giant human can unleash on these cute outdoorsy campers. The end is always near, when the APOCALYPSE BUGS come out to party.

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